The last time that Rocco had seen his psycho teens was when they came over to his house to play video games. Rocco had been so busy that day that he had forgotten to invite them over, so when they showed up at his door, he was a little surprised. When Rocco asked them why they were there, they said that they were there to play video games with him. Rocco was a little uneasy about this, but he decided to let them in. As soon as they got inside, the teens started to argue. They were arguing about who was going to be the controller for the game. Rocco tried to get them to stop, but it was no use. Eventually, Rocco got fed up with the noise and told the teens to leave. They didn't listen, so Rocco called the police. The police arrived and took the teens away. Rocco was relieved that the situation was over.

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